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  • Integrations

    We have an open API available. Please contact us for documentation and implementation details. Contact us at for more information on setting up a custom integration.

  • About goRoster Integration

    Scroll down to see how GoRoster Integration works. Implementation is really simple.  Contact us to set it up. Use goRoster? Want to make training easier and less time-consuming? You'll love I

  • Booking Rooster Integration Setup

    Our integration with Booking Rooster is almost complete. Check back here soon to see how you can setup your Booking Rooster integration! Contact for more information

  • Setting up Integration through Membes

    These are the steps inside Intuto to create a connection between your Membes installation and Intuto. However we are very happy to do this for you so if you need assistance just let us know. 1. Go

  • MyHR Integration Setup

    Our integration with MyHR is almost complete. Check back here soon to see how you can setup your MyHR integration! Contact for more information.

  • goRoster Integration - Implementation

    Requirements: You must have Full Access to your Company's goRoster Account and User Settings from your goRoster account You must be an Owner or Contributor of your Company's Intuto site

  • Information for your IT team

    Intuto is a cloud-based web application, so there is no lengthy or costly setup. In most cases, your IT team will not need to do anything to get Intuto running smoothly on your network. Here is som

  • Creating an API Key

    To integrate a third party application with Intuto, you must create an API Key to allow that application to access your data. Your API Keys can be managed through your Intuto Settings and individual k

  • What is a FullAccess API Key

    A FullAccess integration is an API Key you can use to build your own custom integration into Intuto.  This enables you to open every API call to an API Key so your custom integration can access all

  • Settings

    To access your Site Settings, click the arrow next to the Company logo at the top left corner of the screen, and click ‘Site Settings’.  Once in the Site Settings area use the left hand me