How to publish and share content in Intuto

Watch the video below to learn how to PUBLISH and SHARE content in Intuto, or scroll down to see each step individually.

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Step-by-step Instructions:

1. When you are finished creating your course, click 'Next' to save your content.

2. Edit your course settings:

  • Cover image: add or update your course image (min size 200 x 112 pixels) if you have trouble with your cover image and need help email your image to with the subject line Cover Image for [Course Name].
  • Comments: tick to allow Users to add general comments or page comments to your course, all users enrolled in the course will able to see the comments from other users.
  • Make available to existing users: tick to allow all existing users on your Intuto site to access your course by self-enrolling.
  • Shareable link
    - Allow self-registration link: Users must register using their email address (expiry date can be set or left blank); tracking active
    - Public link - allow access to your course without having to register; tracking disabled
  • Registration renewal option for every 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months, with or without reminder emails)

3.  Click ' Publish' to publish your content.

4. Your course has been published! 

To share the course with your users, you can either bulk upload or self register participants into the course

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